The Substance of Nothing

Describing Nothing as something is somewhat paradoxical at first glance. I’m sure that even after a full, complete explanation of the concept, some will still be left in a state of confusion. Nevertheless, I will attempt to articulate the nature of the Nothingness of the Void, as it stands in the context of our Cult, as clear and accurately as human language will allow, as a true understanding can not be gained from a provided description, or discourse on it, but only from firsthand experience. That which lies at the heart of the nature of Nothingness is not a physical, or even psychological substance, but a primordial one. There is a presence to be felt in complete absence, and it is what we refer to as the Void.

When one removes all mental, physical, psychological and spiritual concerns from the mind, they enter what is commonly referred to as a trance state. This trance state can be found in nearly every primitive, shamanistic, or enlightenment-seeking religion across the world. It is a common practice amongst Hindus, Buddhists, other various traditions, and those who utilize their techniques for their own practices to meditate to achieve a sense of “Oneness” or to clear/empty the mind. This is reflected in many traditions, the world over, and is the purest way to work into direct communication with the Void. To empty the self, as an honoring reflection of the Void, allows the practitioner to enter a state of “Oneness” with the Void. This has been a common practice to gain either Divine Insight from whatever deity the individual is attempting to communicate with, or to obtain hidden knowledge, or Gnosis, from whatever impulses of the universe to practitioner seeks to derive this knowledge from.

Humans have always felt that by retreating from the physical world, as well as our own mental microcosm, there is something to be found. We have found that the something there IS Nothing. It is the purity of emptiness, the beauty of eternal black, the infinite possibility of non-certainty. When there is nothing, there is no limit, no restriction, and no end. It is from this nothingness that humanity has gestated their greatest ideas, leading with proper effort of applied Will, to their greatest achievements and creations. This state of Nothing, is from whence everything comes. Nothing itself is the origin of all, the womb of invention, the Mother of Thought. From the Void, comes all.

Divinity and Faith

The Hunt for the Sacred has been a preoccupation of humanity since the genesis of conscious thought, and desperate and relentless search for meaning in a vast, uncaring universe. Initially Divinity was an attempt to explain the strange, seemingly chaotic world and its machinations, as well as to codify and express the Kosmos/Antikosmos, the Universal Impulses, that humans felt surrounding them, as well as within them; but humans found that by manipulating the myths and legends surrounding their newly manufactured “faith”, they could coerce others into executing their will.

Our Temple and its doctrine espouse the idea that this kind of manipulative belief can be utilized by the individual, as a form of self-indoctrination, to attempt to manifest the life they want to live, and as one of many paths to Enlightenment. Using faith as a tool, we can begin to craft our lives, and ourselves, in our image of ascension. We have drawn influence from many different theological sources, discerning those techniques which worked, from the needless dogma weighing down these doctrines and faiths. We also utilize tools and techniques derived from what is referred to in occult circles as “gnosis”, gifts from the Void. We strongly advocate exploration of faith, and intensive experimentation into the Mysteries, so that the individual can begin to create and understand the Nature of the Divine.

The Void Cult

“The Void is All. The Void is nothing. All encompassing and all expunging, the Void permeates all. Hallowed through its omnipresence, and omniscience, the Void contains everything and nothing. It is all that is, has been, and shall be. It never was.

The Void is an ontological concept that represents the hollow core of consciousness, found only be those who did not mean to find it. Searching for the Great Divine Truth, Brahman, leads the seeker to the possibility of the absence of any Divinity, and that possibility only compounds itself into uncertainty, a lack of knowledge builds into a paranoid cycle of belief and disbelief, leading to madness or despair. That absence of knowledge, truth, certainty and faith is terror. That absence is the Void. The Void IS God. The Void IS Divinity. The Void IS Nothing. This concept proves too much for some, whether they grow fearful of the cold emptiness inherent in its presence or they abandon the Great Hunt in favor of simple passive nihilism, most who encounter the Void run from it. Emptiness is frightening. Confronting the possibility that nothing matters is terrifying. Therein lays the Sacred Realization, however. It is not that nothing matters, but that Nothing DOES matter. It is not that there is no god, but there IS No-God. That hollow emptiness is Divine in itself. It is from this vast, desolate, abyss from whence we draw our greatest power. Thought.

We pull thought out of the Void, and when temporally applied with enough strength of Will, we manifest it. All great deeds were once great thoughts. Whether our consciousness comes from a “God” or a “developed animal brain” is irrelevant. We can never know with total certainty, therefore it is irrational to believe with certainty. We must, however, not let the black oneiric tide of soothing nihilistic apathy take over. For if anything kills greatness, progress and power it is complacent apathy. To be fine with one’s stock, place in life, or current level of development is the end of improvement, and if we let ourselves succumb to the comfort of nihilistic complacency then we witness the end of greatness. The end of Heroes and Villains. The Total Death of the Superman.

Embracing the No-God is not an acceptance of the long fall into darkness, but a Holy Act meant to excel beyond the predetermined boundaries of the faith of the Absolute. When Nothing is made Sacred, nothing is beyond our reach. When you make negation the core of thesis and praxis, the scales become inverted. Making that absence your Lord lets you worship how you Will. The Void is vast, and eternal, and so to fill the Void with a sacrament of your own making becomes a Herculean, and Sacred, task. To craft the Icons of Divinity by your own hand, at the direction of the Void, is the Path to the Sacred. You pull from the Void itself any time you create, devise, or think.”

-The Introduction for the Void Cult Manifesto by X.A-A 331

The Void Cult is an active expression of the philosophy and iconography utilized by the STOTEOTDR 331/662. The core of the Cult’s ideals lie within the Doctrine known as the “Cultus Akephalos” or the “Cult of the Headless One”. This Doctrine is described within the forthcoming works by the hierophant and expositor X.A-A. 331, “Void Cult Manifesto” and “Divine Fractal Theory”. Until these works are made public, information on the Cult and it’s practices will be limited to what is deemed appropriate, at the given time.

Fel Son

Fel Son is a division of the Void Cult 331/662, attempting to capture the emotional and psychological impressions left by the ceremomies performed within the Cult.

The first release was an experiment done in 2015, still heavily reliant on conventional music structure, and is very sporadic and impulsive in its nature.

The most recent release is entitiled “dialogue01” and is the product of a 3 hierophany sessions conducted by adherents to the Cultus Akephalos. It is described on its Bandcamp page thusly:

//A series of emotional and intuitive replications recorded on 12/30/2018(5888) for a ceremony done between 12/28/2018(5888) and 12/30/2018(5888). Thematic structure is as follows: 

//rising, mastery, wisdom, terror, expectations, archetypes, power 

//solitude, inadequacy, self doubt, distraction, confusion, apathy 

//void, complexity, scheme, understanding, awareness, domination 

//completion, enlightenment, oneness, control, clarity of vision 

//The ceremonial or meditative structure for this content is solitary, and internalizing. Intesnsive self-reflection, and other ego-death relative practices are the most synchronous with the Intent of this composition. Timed with LSD to be played in anticipation of the 2nd peak.”

Fel Son

It can be found here:

Cultus Akephalos

“Ia Akephalos, Ixaphos veth akeph Djuth.”

-Liber Meridianam

The Void Cult of 331/662 is represented here. Nothing is certain. Emptiness is manifesting within the status quo, and the Void approaches.


Faith is a useful illusion, devotion a practical tool.

Utilize the constructs born of archaic methods of control over the self and the other to bring about your own self-realization and determination. Shed the restrictions of societal constraint, and learn to communicate as an honest expression of your own existence. Be a Higher version of yourself, with the marriage of the Id and Superego into the Ego, and achieve ego death to allow the ability to understand how you fit into your microcosm, and the greater levels of macrocosmic expansion that you are a part of.

Discard the lies of certainty and the absolute, embrace the maddening Path of Thorns and see your existence without the trappings of false moral constraint. Understand the relation you have to everything else in your environment, and learn to utilize it to the greatest advantage to yourself and the aspects of that environment you feel inclined to provide this assistance. Harness the power of the ceremony and the liturgy to manufacture a power of development to ascend beyond your self, and station. Embrace the self, the place, and the eternity of the cycles.

Don’t let others dictate (higher) Truth. They may speak (lower) truth, but never (higher) Truth. There is nothing of pure certainty in this existence, and all who preach it are either liars or deluded. Hunt your truth, and seek all others, then find the purest expression of your existence you can manifest.

X.A-A. AOD 5889